Which of the following examples illustrates the strategic role played



1.      Which of the following examples illustrates the strategic role played by HR today?



2.      Which of the following HR activities should NOT be outsourced?

3.      Which type of organizational structure creates a dual chain of command?



4.      Organization hires only experienced, top-performing people who tend to stay with the company for ten years or more.  An organization would consider this situation a (n)


5.      Which of the following factors would indicate independent contractor status?


6.      A company requires job applicants who are applying for a position in their distribution center to take a lifting test. Test results are consistent, and the test measures what it is intended to measure.  This test is considered



7.      The MOST effective corporate citizenship/social responsibility program is one that


8.      An HR professional would develop a business case to


9.      An AAP must include


10.  A software applications development organization has focal reviews annually, each June. The managers are required to have the HR director sign off on the review prior to meeting with the employee. The engineering director submits the reviews for the engineering department, with all of the employees receiving ratings of “Meets Expectations.” What type of appraiser error is this?


11.  Which federal agency was established to investigate charges of discrimination under Title VII?



12.  Which of the following statements about the ADA is true?



13.  Which of the following is a violation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act?


14.  The MOST appropriate method for training senior management to handle critical decision making is


15.  A small organization has a number of job openings. Most of the supervisory and management staff are new to the organization and have limited interviewer training and experience.




16.  Under the EEOC’s selection guidelines, adverse impact occurs when the selection rate for a protected class is less than what percentage of that for the group with the highest selection rate?


17.  A psychological exam that tends to eliminate Hispanic applicants is an example of



18.  Which of the following statements about work that is in the public domain is true?


19.  An African American is asked to fill out an EEO applicant flow form declaring race and ethnicity.  Which of the following statements about the situation is true?



20.  Which of the following is a long-term consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of a recruitment program?


21.  Which of the following statements about medical examinations is TRUE?


22.  Under the NLRA, which of the following practices is illegal?


23.  Which of the following components of a job description is necessary to ensure ADA compliance?


24.  Concerned about a potential organizing campaign, an organization hires an outside consultant to conduct an employee relation’s audit. This audit may result in


25.  The strategic objectives of an organization’s compensation system typically include that it be


26.  A new accounts payable policy, procedures, and work rules have been in effect for six months. The accounts payable team is frustrated because the policy is not being followed. This is resulting in lower morale in their department. What is HR’s role?


27.  Which of the following gives technical workers the ability to earn as much as they would in a management position?


28.  When compa-ratios exceed 100%, which of the following is LEAST likely to be an accurate representation of the organization?


29.  An employee has complained repeatedly to a supervisor that the workplace protective gear does not fit the employee properly and will not provide necessary protection when it is needed. The supervisor has not taken any action. How can the employee remedy the situation most effectively?


30.  A manager in the organization consistently avoids dealing with employee attendance problems. One of the employees with an attendance problem has spoken in a hostile manner to the manager in a staff meeting. The manager now wants to start corrective action for attendance at the final warning stage for this employee. What should the HR manager NOT do?


31.  When looking at compensation, which three factors define the relevant labor market?


32.  According to Maslow, which of the following is an example of an esteem need?


33.  Occasionally, there are legitimate reasons why a business decision is based on age.  Employers who are charged with age discrimination have what legal justification(s) for such decisions:


34.  Which of the following onboarding activities would be the best way to help a management new hire understand and navigate the cultural and political landscape of the organization during the first 90 days on the job?


35.  Which of the following is an advantage of conducting a pilot program?


36.  Which of the following evaluation methods provides the MOST valuable measurement information?


37.  An organization must make labor reductions to reduce its costs. Several long-term employees have been offered early retirement packages. One employee has decided to decline the opportunity to take early retirement. The manager reassigns the employee to another job with a lower profile that the employee clearly finds intolerable. The employee quits. What action could the employee claim in a lawsuit against the organization?


38.  Which of the following statements is true under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act?


39.  An HR professional knows that the organization is planning a downsizing in two months and that a friend who is currently considering an offer from another organization will be one of those affected. In this situation, the HR professional should


40.  When calculating overtime, the employer must include the time for an employee who


41.  A graphic artist for a software company offers to develop the cover art for the company’s newest software release. The artist does all of the work on his own time, and no special contract was signed. Which of the following is true?


42.  Which common-law concept protects an employee from being fired for reporting a criminal activity committed by an employer?


43.  In response to rising health-care costs, an organization is considering switching to a full cafeteria plan. Which is the greatest disadvantage, from the organization’s point of view, of using a full cafeteria plan?



44.  Which of the following appraisal methods is used by a supervisor who keeps anecdotal records of employees’ positive and negative actions during a rating period?


45.  A company’s CEO learns that a competitor has developed intranet training for its employees. The CEO wants the training director to develop the same kind of training system. What is the FIRST thing the director should do?


46.  A company fires a minority employee, who responds by filing a discrimination suit. Early in the litigation process, the employer discovers that the employee falsified information on the employment application. Assuming that discrimination has occurred, the court is MOST likely to


47.  What should be the compensation basis for a sales representative whose time is spent acquainting potential customers with the organization’s product line and providing technical assistance?


48.  An employer has redesigned its pay structure, and a position has a pay range for the grade of $9.10 to $12.75 per hour.  What term would apply to an employee in this position who is earning $8 per hour?


49.  A 41-year-old man died, leaving a wife and three children under the age of 12. Which of the following federally mandated benefits can the man’s wife expect to receive?


50.  An organization has grown quickly, and its culture has consequently changed. Its founders have directed HR to develop a skip-level interview policy. What concern most likely prompted this action?


51.  Which of the following would be considered time worked for purposes of overtime?



52.  According to the law, worker’s compensation benefits must be provided


53.  Which of the following job analysis methods would be MOST appropriate for a position where the job tasks are short in duration and it’s important to obtain firsthand knowledge and information about the job being analyzed?


54.  360-degree feedback is used primarily to


55.  The five compensable factors used in a point-factor job evaluation system typically include


56.  Companies prefer to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) because it



57.  An HR manager is informed that an employee has made a complaint to the EEOC regarding promotion, and begins to write an email to the employee’s manager to describe the requirements of the necessary litigation hold.  Which of the following directions BEST reflects these requirements?


58.  A machinist who works at an organization that stresses productivity and meeting schedules is injured while working on a job that is behind schedule.  These circumstances are an example of


59.  An organization must shift the rising costs of health-care benefits to their employees. Management is concerned that some top performers will seek employment elsewhere. Which action is the best way to sustain employee loyalty?


60.  According to the ADA, the appropriate action for an employer dealing with employees who are HIV-positive is to


61.  Which of the following statements about job posting is true?          


62.  Which of the following health-care funding mechanisms contains the greatest amount of financial risk for an employer?


63.  A manager wants to terminate an employee for continually violating workplace rules about expenses, but senior management believes the employee is critical to meeting the organization’s strategic goals. HR could best respond by


64.  Which of the following is an advantage of filling positions with external candidates?


65.  Which of the following statements in a draft employee handbook is an attorney MOST likely to delete?


66.  Management has had a history of poor communication with employees. They act with little input and offer little rationale for decisions. A senior manager wants to conduct an employee attitude survey, believing it will help improve morale. What would be the most important thing you would advise?


67.  Employers are required to provide three benefits that are intended to protect employees’ incomes.  What are the three benefits required by U.S. law?


68.  When an employee is encouraged to speak to management regarding suggestions, concerns, or complaints, this policy is called


69.  A construction company requires all employees to use protective equipment. However, one worker continually works without a hard hat. The supervisor has called the employee on the behavior but has finally given up. If OSHA audits the work site, what is the MOST immediate outcome?


70.  The HR director and the management team of a small resort hotel are developing a strategy to remain union-free. The union’s representatives are talking with the employees. What action should management take?


71.  What is the difference between replacement planning and succession planning?



72.  For many years, an electronics company has used financial measurements such as the balance sheet and the income statement to plan and measure organizational performance. What is the benefit of implementing the balanced scorecard approach?


73.  With defined contribution pension plans


74.  How would an organization’s use of zero-based budgeting affect the human resources budget?


75.  A company conducts a sexual harassment training program for first-line supervisors and managers due to the unacceptable level of EEOC complaints. What is the BEST way to show the effectiveness of the training?



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