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1. A humanis an example of a(n) system. Constant interaction with the environment influences the person’s state of existence and future.





2.Which of the following activities performed by an organization indicates that it is conducting a
social responsibility measurement in the socialinvestment area?

a.Puttingin money and human resources to solve community social problems

b.Conducting studies to pinpoint social problems

c.Ensuring worker safety

d.Participating in long-range community planning

e.Dealing fairly with employees and customers

3.. Which of the following is true regarding the majority and minority groups in an organization?

a.The majority group has more people than the minority group.

b.The minority group possesses decision-making power in most organizations.

c.The majority group in any organization lacks social status and acceptance.

d.The minority group can have more people than the majority group.

e.The top management constitutes a minority group that commands decision-making power.

4. In the area of diversity, controlling involves _

a.establishing task forces or committees to explore issues and provide ideas

b.carefully choosing work assignments to support the career development of all employees

c.evaluating the extent to which diversity goals are being achieved

d.the evaluation activities necessary to assess the diversity efforts

e.the selection of the diversity training programs for the organization

5.Which of the following is a characteristic of domestic management?

a.Widely disparate economic conditions

b.National markets varyi ng greatly in population and area

c.Markets at different stages of theindustrial revolution

d.People livingin similarvalue systems

e.Different national sovereignties

6. The phenomenon ofcompromising the quality of a decision to maintain relationships within a teamis referred to as _






7.Which of the following is true about strategy?

a.Smaller organizations are more precise than large organizations in developing organizationalstrategy in order to meet their goals sooner.

b.Strategy is a general plan developed to reach short-term goals.

c.Organizational strategy focuses on the marketing and financial aspects of a business.

d.Strategy is actually the end result of strategic planning.

e.Research and development are not a part of an organization’s strategy.

8.Which of the following strategy formulation tools was specifically developed to expand on the
BeG Growth-Share Matrix?

a.The critical questions analysis

b.The GE Multifactor Portfolio Matrix

c.Environmental analysis

d.SWOT analysis

e.Porter’s Model for Industry Analysis

9..A firm’s ability to undertake an action is referred to as _

a.competitor motivation

b.competitor capability

c.strategic ability

d.competitor awareness


10. Which of the following is a planning device as wellas a strategy for organizational control?






11.Which of the following is true regarding Gantt charts?

a.Resource to be scheduled is plotted on the horizontal axis

b.Time is plotted on the vertical axis

c.It is essentially a bar graph

d.Does not establish realistic worker output standards

e.Does not provide an overview of the use of organizational resources

12..Which of the following is one of the three main components of the management system that Weber termed a bureaucracy?

a.A flat organ izational structure

b.Emphasis on the human variable

c.Close, personal relations among organization members

d.A clearly outlined organizational hierarchy

e.Minimum regulations and paperwork

13.According to the contingency viewpoint to designing span of management,the appropriate span of management narrows when _

a.subordinates are physically located close to one another

b.subordinates are carrying out simple functions

c.subordinates’activities need to be synchronized carefully

d.the activities performed by supervised individuals are similar

e.the manager spends little time on planning activities

14.According to the contingency viewpoint to designing span of management,which of the following situations would warrant a relatively wide span of control?

a.Supervising a team of factory workers sewing buttons onto shirts

b.Managing a virtual team of engineers spread across several countries

c.Managing a highly interdependent production team

d.Supervising a team of scientists engaged in complex research work

e.Managing and coordinating the activities of a marketing team

15.In the context of forces influencing formal structure, the customers and suppliers of the management system, along with existing political and social structures constitute the forces inthe _






16. When properly designed, job descriptions

a.encourage job sharing among employees

b.encourage the application of socio-technical systems principles to the humanization of work

c.communicate job content to employees

d.encourage job rotation among employees

e.increase the number of tasks associated with the job

17. The three steps in the delegation process are _

a.assign specific duties, grant authority,and createresponsi bi I ity

b.assign responsibility,create accountability, and assign specific duties

c.create responsibility, grant authority,and promote acceptance

d.assign specific duties, create responsibility, and promote acceptance

e.create accountabi I ity,promote acceptance,and faci litate performance

18. Which of the following is an advantage of delegation?

a.It helps supervisors to hide their professional inadequacies.

b.It frees up the supervisor to perform other organizational tasks.

c.It significantly reduces the amount of time taken to complete a task.

d.It provides employees with a false sense of authority.

e.It allows the supervisor to forgo personal responsibility for delegated tasks.

19. A structuralchange _

a.ensures appropriate functioning of technology

b.makes the change appealing to employees by changing controls thatinfluence organization members

d.increases the division of labor

e.develops the ski lis of the people

20.To minimize the negative effects of the perceptualdifferences of receivers oninterpersonal communication,managers should _

a.communicate only when they have the total attention of the destination

b.try to send messages with precise meanings

c.use verbal communication instead of visual communication

d.preferably communicate using casual terms and references

e.use low involvement channelsfor communication

21.Which of the following observationsis consistent with the”ten commandments of good communication”?

a.Always plan communications with the pastin mind.

b.Convey as much information as possiblein each communication.

c.Focus more on the content than the overtones in communication.

d.All communications should be planned by the sender alone.

e.Avoid communication if the receiver cannot perceive it correctly.

22.Which of the following statements is true regarding nonverbal communication?

a.Verbal and nonverbal communications are not mutually exclusive in most cases.

b.It is highly consistent with verbal communication.

c.Contrary to popular belief,nonverbal communication does not include vocal tones.

d.It has little influence on the total effect of communication.

e.It cannot be used to encode and transmit thoughts.

23. Which of the following statements about a group is true?

a.They are characterized by occasional communication among members over time and a size small enough to permit face-to-face communication.

b.Groups invariably cause desirable consequences within the organization.

c.The most common technique for accomplishing work through people is dividing them into work groups.

d.Groups are a simple gathering of people consisting of 5 or more people.

e.Groups exist only in some organizational structures.

24. ideas are ideas that focus on invention relating to the way in which the organization is supervised.






25.Which of the following is one of the possible creative ideas for enhancing organizational success based on Crosby’s thoughts on total quality management?

a.Drive out fear of reporti ng mistakes

b.Publish quality goals for all workers so they know exactly what they are expected to do Build teams (not just individuals) that focus on quality

c.Dedicate the quality management function to measuring conformance to requirements and reporting and differences accurately

d.Encourage self-development of workers as more useful players in maintaining quality

26.Information required for decisions related to operational control should _

a.emphasize the future

b.provide an aggregate without going into the details

c.primarily contain historical data

d.come largely from externalsources well defined and narrow

27. decisions relate to obtaining and effectively and efficiently using the organizational resources necessary to reach organizational objectives.

a.Strategic control

b.Strategic planning

c.Management control

d.Operational control

e.Operational planning

28. Information refers to the degree to which the information represents reality.







29. The quality of the IS refers to _

a.the accuracy of the information

b.the relevance of the information

c.its ease of use

d.the proficiency of the users


e.its cost 

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