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Your term project is to write a work explaining (1) your worldview and (2) why you hold that worldview. While you are free to structure this work as you choose, I suggest you begin with your presuppositions, explaining why you assume these and not others. Having laid this foundation, answer the eight questions James Sire asks in his books. If you choose a different arrangement, be sure to include the answers to these questions somewhere in your work. Remember, this work is about your current worldview, not what you think you should have, or not what you think I want you to have. You are not graded on whether I agree with your view but only on how well you express it and support that view. The length of the work should be between three and five pages, 1- inch margins, double spaced, using 12-point font. You may use Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. References should be in line with an attached bibliography of sources used or quoted. Include a title page along with a blank grading page. The order is: 1. Title page of assignment help 2. Blank page 3. Content of work (3 to 5 pages) 4. Bibliography The title page, blank grading page and bibliography are not counted in the length requirements. Please follow the MLA format in this work. 1. Please check your written work for spelling and grammar. These will be considered in assigning a grade, although I am more interested in your content than your form. 2. No more than five typed pages! I quit reading after this point due to my time limitations in having materials graded. 3. Please do not wait until the last moment to start this. This work requires you to think carefully about what you believe and why you believe it. This takes time. 4. The work is due on Tuesday, May, 3, by 2:15 pm. Late works are penalized one letter grade per day late. Remember, it weighs in at 20% of your final grade.

Your Detailed – Comprehensive Summary for THIS article post should be no less of 1,700 words. . 2. Which are the three most CRITICAL ISSUES of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail … For EACH Critical Issue please post at least two strong comprehensive paragraphs . 3. Which are the three most relevant LESSONS LEARNED of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail … For EACH Lesson Learned please post at least two strong comprehensive paragraphs . 4. Which are the three most important BEST PRACTICES of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail … For EACH Best Practice please post at least two strong comprehensive paragraphs . 5. How can you relate THIS article with the TOPICS COVERED in class? Please explain, analyze, and discuss in great detail … . 6. Do you see any alignment of the concepts described in THIS article with the class concepts reviewed in class? Which are those alignments and misalignments? Why? Please explain, analyze, and discuss in great detail …

Due: April 27th

In order to prepare for your electronic poster presentation, here are a few requirements and guidelines needed for your poster. 

Presentation Format

We will have a symposium style poster session where you will be able to share your action research study with you peers. They will provide feedback on your poster and can engage and ask questions. Be able to explain your project in five minutes. If you would like to provide a handout for your poster, that’s perfectly acceptable, but not required. 

Required Components 

You will need to summarize your study to a few bullet points for each required component. 

● Research Question

● Short Review of Literature Points

● Methods 

● Participants

● Data collection

● Theoretical framework

● Results

● Discussion

● Implications

● Be sure to include that social justice piece

● Graphic: chart, table, figure (at least one graphic to support your study)

Presentation Style

To receive full points on this presentation, you will be graded on your ability to articulate your study as a scholar-practitioner. You will be graded on delivery, accuracy, poster formatting, and including all the required components. I will float the room while you all are presenting, and assess your presentation and poster. 

Additional Details

Be sure:

● Your graphics are clear

● Your bullet points make sense

● Each addition you include adds to the overall understanding of your project

● I will read for grammar as well 

● Be sure to cite when appropriate

● Have a peer proof your work

Part I

Please read ONE-TWO of the articles related to Covid -19 and our populations of interest.

Then answer the questions for this homework help below.

Answer 3 questions below and offer up in discussions and people can tether to their respective choice of article- I tried to connect articles related to COVIC-19 to our expert panel populations of interest – see what you think

Mental Health

Criminal Justice/ Prison System

Health- Family Support 

What Issues Will Uninsured People Face with Testing and Treatment for COVID-19?


Are their adeuqate justifications for the decisions and policy suggestions?

Do you estimate there will be unintended consequnces to these policies?

With your magic wand, what would you do different?

Parts II

Power and Control Wheel –

Select a tactic/behavior from the spokes of the wheel. Power & Control Wheel

With your choice in mind, answer the following questions.

If you were working with a victim, how would you use and apply the power and control wheel to help yourself understand the client’s situation? (8 points)

How would you use it to help the client understand their situation better? (8 points)


Create a child abuse scenario As part of your Social History Interview, you will need to DEVELOP 15 questions and a FORM; the questions should be TYPED, and answers should be HAND-WRITTEN during the face-to-face interview.

Math 0314/1314 Lab Module 3 Name _____________________

For each of the following problems, show all work. Simplify and clearly indicate all answers.

1. A ball is thrown vertically upward from the top of a building 160 feet tall with an initial

velocity of 48 feet per second. The distance d (in feet) of the ball from the ground after

t seconds is d(t) = 160 + 48t – 16t2. 

a. After how many seconds does the ball strike the ground? Write your answer in a complete sentence with proper grammar and correct spelling.

b. When will the ball reach its maximum height? What is the maximum height of the ball? Write your answers in a complete sentence with proper grammar and correct spelling.

2. Laura owns and operates Aunt Linda’s Pecan Pies. She has learned that her profits, P(x), from the sale of x cases of pies, are given by P(x) = 150x – x2.

a. The company will “break-even” when the profit is zero. How many cases of pies should Laura sell in order to break-even? (Solve for x when P(x) = 0.) Write your answer in a complete sentence with proper grammar and correct spelling.

b. How many cases of pies should she sell in order to maximize profit? What is the maximum profit? Write your answer in a complete sentence with proper grammar and correct spelling.

Math 0314/1314 Lab Module 3 page 2

3. For f(x) = x3 – 7×2 + 8x + 16, 

a. Find f(10) using synthetic division.  

b. Is 10 a zero of the function? Explain in a complete sentence with proper grammar and correct spelling.  

c. Use synthetic division to determine if x + 1 is a factor of f(x).  

d. Is –1 a zero of the function? Explain in a complete sentence with proper grammar and correct spelling.  

e. List all of the zeros and their multiplicities of the polynomial. 

f. Write the polynomial function as a product of linear factors.

Math 0314/1314 Lab Module 3 page 3

4. For the function 

a. State the degree of the polynomial.

b. State the number of zeros the polynomial function will have. 

c. Use the Rational Zero Theorem to list all of the possible rational zeros

d. Use your calculator to determine which numbers in the list of rational zeros are probable rational zeros.  

e. Use synthetic division to verify one rational zero. 

f. Use synthetic division or other algebraic methods to find all remaining zeros. List all of the zeros of the polynomial function.

Math 0314/1314 Lab Module 3 page 4

5. Analyze and sketch the polynomial functions and complete the charts below. State the degree and sign of the leading coefficient of the polynomial functions. Determine the end behavior of the graph of the functions. For 5b, write the polynomial function as a product of linear factors (in factored form). 

a. f(x) = –7(x + 2)3(x – 1)2(x – 3) 

Zeros Multiplicity Crosses/Touches



End behavior 

b. m(x) = x3 – 4×2  

Factored form: m(x) = 

Degree  Zeros Multiplicity Crosses/Touches


End behavior

6. Based on data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average number of acres per farm x years after 2000 can be approximated by the model below. (Round answers to 2 decimal places.) 

a. Use the model to estimate the average number of acres per farm in 2005.

b. Use the model to predict the average number of acres per farm in 2012.

c. Find and interpret the zero of the rational function. Does this result make sense within the 

context of the problem? Answer in complete sentences using proper grammar and correct spelling.

Math 0314/1314 Lab Module 3 page 5

7. A rare species of insect was discovered in the rain forest. In order to protect the species, environmentalists declare the insect endangered and transplant the insects into a protected area. The population of the insect t months after being transplanted is given by P(t). 

P(t) = 

a. How many insects were discovered? In other words, what was the population when t = 0? 

b. What will the population be after 5 years? Round to the nearest whole insect. 

c. Determine the horizontal asymptote of P(t). 

Describe what the horizontal asymptote means in the context of the problem. Use the value of 

the horizontal asymptote in the explanation. Answer in a complete sentence using proper grammar and correct spelling.

d. Sketch the graph of P(t).

8. State the domain, vertical asymptote and slant asymptote of the function C(x) = .

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