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Risk response strategies are the ways in which risks can be handled if they occur. For negative risks, the appropriate strategies are the following: Accept Mitigate Avoid Transfer Escalate For positive risks, the strategies are as follows: Accept Enhance Exploit Share Escalate Respond to the following questions: Describe the Plan Risk Response process and share an example of three tools and techniques used. Why is it critical for project managers to have a risk response strategy in place? Describe one positive and one negative risk for any project scenario and select the proper risk response strategy. Why do you think the strategy you chose is the best fit for the situation? How will you work with the project team to determine the risk response and implementation strategies for each risk in your business assignment help project?

1. Identify who you are applying theories of personality to and explain why. Your response should be about 3 to 5 sentences in length. 2. Describe how components of a personality theory of your choice relate to your subject. Your response should be about 6 to 10 sentences in length and include the following: A. Components of personality theory, including but not limited to traits, behaviors, motives, or defense mechanisms B. Multiple components from the theory applied to your subject with examples (i.e., behaviors that exemplify the concepts) C. Citations when you are describing the theory 3. Describe how components of a second personality theory of your choice relate to your subject. Your response should be about 6 to 10 sentences in length and include the following: A. Components of personality theory, including but not limited to traits, behaviors, motives, or defense mechanisms B. Multiple components from the theory applied to your subject with examples (i.e., behaviors that exemplify the concepts) C. Citations when you are describing the theory 4. Describe the limitations of each of the two theories you related to your subject. Your response should be about 6 to 10 sentences in length and include at least one limitation for each theory. 5. Explain why taking a holistic approach and applying multiple theories to a subject is better than applying only one. Your response should be about 6 to 10 sentences in length. References

How did Rome, a small settlement in central Italy, expand to conquer and control the entire Mediterranean world of Europe, western Asia, and North Africa? How did the political structure of the Roman empire change as it grew? What were the basic teachings of Jesus, and how did Christianity become the major religion of the empire? What allowed Rome to retain such a large empire for so long, and what caused the loss of the western half of the empire Who was the prophet Muhammad, and what were his main teachings? Between Muhammad’s death in 632 and the founding of the Abbasid caliphate in 750, what were the different ways that the Islamic community chose the new caliph? Which economic, political, and social forces held the many peoples and territories of the Abbasid caliphate together? After the fragmentation of the Abbasid Empire in 945, which cultural practices, technologies, and customs held Islamic believers in different regions together?

Week 1 Group A Capstone Topic Selection Due 6/7/2022

Attached Files:

· File CAPSTONE TOPIC SELECTION FORM new Spring 2022.docx (20.396 KB)

  1. Capstone candidates must      select a Capstone topic for their project from Table 1 or 2 and      complete the CAPSTONE TOPIC SELECTION      FORM.
  2. Capstone candidates must      identify a local institutional or a community-based health care      problem related to the topic and develop a proposal for      an intervention that will improve it

Table 2

Community- Based Intervention Topics

More ar 

The problem must be addressed from the perspective of a health care manager. The capstone project is a cumulative project that demonstrates the candidate’s ability to apply the capabilities and knowledge that you have accrued through the Health Service Management Graduate Program at Mercy College.

Capstone Requirements

To complete the Capstone and graduate candidates must:

  1. Select a Capstone Topic      from one of the tables above and describe a specific problem related to      that topic.
  2. Propose a realistic,      manageable intervention that addresses the problem. The intervention must      be focused on a local facility or community.
  3. Use the Capstone Template      to submit sections of the Capstone as drafts
  4. Make any needed correction      and revisions, based on reviewers’ feedback before submitting the draft of      the next section.


For the purpose of the Capstone a health care institution includes:

  • hospitals or medical      centers
  • health maintenance      organizations,
  • health care clinics or      outpatient centers,
  • nursing homes, extended      care facility, or other institution devoted to the care of sick, infirm,      or aged person.
  • health care businesses      such as health insurance providers, product manufacturers or others that      provide health care services.
  • alternative or      complimentary care setting
  • Substance abuse      residential or outpatient settings

You must submit the complete nursing assignment help as the CAPSTONE TOPIC SELECTION FORM by 6/7/2022 at 11:59 PM.

Candidates will not be allowed to change your topic once it has been approved by the reviewers

Week 5 Assignments 

After completing this week’s study activities, thoughtfully complete the labs detailed below. Submit this completed document by the due date indicated in the syllabus.

MindTap Level 4 Unit 9 & 10 Lab Experiences

Complete labs online and insert a screenshot of the grade earned for each of the Unit 9 Python programming labs in this document and provide your answers to the Unit 10 questions in this template document before submitting.

1. Unit 9: Program Input in C++, all

2. Unit 9: Price Calculator in C++, all

3. Unit 9: Logic Statements in C++, all

4. Unit 9: Input and Output in C++, all

5. Unit 10: HTML, section #1

6. Unit 10: LISP Programming, questions for sections #1 through #4, and #6

Insert Screenshots here for Unit 9 work:

Unit 10 Lab Experience 13 Exercises:

1. Viewing HTML code

a. What is the title of the page?

b. Describe one use of lists on the page.

c. Describe one use of a link on the page.

d. Describe one tag used on the page that was not described in our discussion in the Background section of this lab.

Unit 10 Lab Experience 14 Exercises

Using ( with ), record your responses to the sections #1 through #4, and #6.

1. Composing expressions

a. (+ 3 2):

b. (* 5 (+ 3 2) ):

c. (* 3.14 (* 3 3) ):

d. (sqrt (- 4 2) ):

2. Defining and using functions

a. (square 3):

b. (+ (square 3) (square 4) ):

c. (square (square 3) ):

3. Defining and using predicates or Boolean expressions









i. In-range? – copy and paste a screen shot of running the predicate successfully after testing it with several numbers.

4. Making choices with the conditional expression

a. What value is returned?

5. #6 Using symbols and quotation

a. Describe the results of entering the expressions a through e and the difference in results after removing the single quote mark (‘).

Programming Experience

Create a program to implement the following: 

Used Car Sales program – copy and paste your program code into this document and include a screenshot of running your program that displays the output and input.

Paste Screenshot Here:


Text  Description automatically generated

Paste program code here:



This assignment will be graded using the following rubric:



93% – 100%


80% – 92%


70% – 79%


< 69%


Required   components are correctly and substantively addressed.

Required   components are generally addressed in a proficient manner.

Required   components are addressed in a limited or imprecise manner. 

Assignment   is vague in addressing the specified task, is poor in quality, and/or is   missing key components. 

Name : Grade 11/  

Subject : java script Assignment

Q1- Write a program in javascript that enters 2 numbers (x and y) then find the value for this formula z = 4x + 3y +5.

Use absolute values of x and y. (convert any negative values of x or y to positive).

<script language=javascript>


Q2- Write the same program above using form:


<form name=math>

X = <input type=text name=t1  size=5><br>

y = <input type=text name=t2  size=5><p>

// convert negative values of x or y to positive

Z = 4X + 3Y + 5<p>

Z = <input type=text name=t3  size=5><p>

<input type=button value=start onclick=calc()>

<input type=reset>


<script language=javascript>











Application of   Course Knowledge:



Answers the initial   discussion question(s)/topic(s), demonstrating knowledge and understanding of   the concepts for the week.


Engagement in   Meaningful Dialogue With Peers and Faculty



Responds to a   student peer and course faculty furthering the dialogue by   providing more information and clarification, adding depth to the   conversation


Integration of   Evidence



Assigned   readings or online lesson and at least one   outside scholarly source are included. The scholarly source is:

1) evidence-based,   2) scholarly in nature, 3) published within the last 5 years



Total CONTENT   Points= [60 pts]









Grammar and   Communication



Presents information   using clear and concise language in an organized manner


Reference Citation



References have   complete information as required by APA 

In-text citations   included for all references  and references included   for all in-text citation


Total FORMAT Points=   [15 pts]


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